Have better understanding of what Bitcoin investment involves.

Bitcoin: A currency born into the digital age.

When using Bitcoin for the first time people should get an idea of how it works. Digital money is different than the traditional finance world is used to. It offers three core values in which many currencies cannot attain: Decentralization, Open Source, and Peer-to-Peer networking.

It is important to get an idea of how to use Bitcoin before investing in it or opening a wallet. There is a lot to learn, but it is not beyond your grasp. Bitcoin is a truly beautiful innovation, and it has the capacity to change the world.


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Bitcoin is a new type of digital money and, just like with all money, you can store it, exchange it, and make payments with it. 

What is bitcoin?

How can you buy bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be bought from various sources. You can purchase them online using an exchange or brokerage service that will enable you to buy Bitcoin with a bank transfer using fiat currency, a credit card, and some services also offer buying opportunities using Paypal.

Here is a list of current online exchanges and brokers who sell bitcoins: Bitcoin Exchanges

Can You Sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be sold in various ways. The currency can be sold online to an exchange or live in person locally. These same instances work similarly to the buying process. You can sell your Bitcoin to the exchange at the current price it’s being sold for. More anonymously you can sell in person or use a localized 2-way ATM.

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Why Does The Bitcoin Price Move So Much?

Until Bitcoin becomes the dominant currency for payments around the world, it will be more popular among traders and price speculators. As a result, the price is subject to the market forces of supply and demand which, at this point in time, goes hand in hand with the trends and whims of speculators – as a result, the price can move suddenly and sharply up or down in response to news events.

You may track the current events in the News page. Meanwhile, here are the Latest News and Updates of the crypto world.

Latest News and Updates

As a rule of thumb: if a piece of news makes Bitcoin more likely to be widely adopted, the price rises. If it places extra hurdles towards mass adoption, the price will fall.

You may track the price changes in the Market Watch page. Here are the Top 10 crypto currencies, Gainers, and Losers.


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If you think you can predict the big movements then good luck on the trading exchanges! But be careful, it can also be inexplicable and unpredictable.