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Value Locked in Defi Holds the Line at $50B, After Temporarily Shedding $8B in Mid-March

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) during the first week of April is about $50 billion, roughly the same as on March 1. The value locked dropped to $42 billion on March 12 but has since rebounded as protocols such as Lido Finance, Aave, and Justlend recorded double-digit monthly gains.

After the March 12 Dip, the Value Locked in Decentralized Finance Rebounds to $50B

According to statistics, the value locked in defi on April 2, 2023, is $50.22 billion, up 0.91% in the past 24 hours. The protocol Lido Finance commands a TVL of around $10.94 billion as of Sunday. Lido dominates the $50 billion TVL with 21.77%, and the value locked in the protocol saw a 19.75% rise in March.

Makerdao’s TVL is below Lido’s at $7.7 billion as it rose 9.66% last month. Aave’s TVL increased by 16.94% to the current $5.55 billion. Protocols following Lido, Makerdao, and Aave in TVL size include Curve, Uniswap, Convex Finance, JustLend, PancakeSwap, Coinbase Staked Ethereum, and Instadapp.

While Lido jumped over 19% last month, Coinbase Staked Ethereum rose by 22.29%, and Rocketpool, another Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking protocol, saw its TVL rise by 18.47%. Other notable risers in terms of TVL in defi protocols include Liquity, up 27.12% over the last 30 days, and Bwatch, which rose 25.78%.

Of the $50 billion TVL today, 58.6% of the value locked is housed on Ethereum. 10.69% is held on Tron, 10.15% is stored on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and 4.4% is kept on Arbitrum. Ethereum’s TVL is $29.39 billion, and Tron’s is currently $5.36 billion.

Ethereum’s and BSC’s TVLs shrunk in March, but Tron’s rose 2.8% higher, and Arbitrum’s TVL swelled by 13.93%. Notable gainers in March include Mixin (+16.32%), Defichain (+14.84%), and Kava (+18.52%).

Optimism’s TVL was reduced by 9.68% in March, and Fantom’s slid 8.87% lower. Polygon and Avalanche also saw TVL reductions during the past 30 days. Ethereum has the most defi protocols with 720, while Tron only has 17. BSC has a total of 568 recorded, and Polygon has 399 defi protocols.

Defillama statistics show that Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges (dexs) have seen $4.54 trillion in cumulative volume. BSC has recorded $1.46 trillion, and Avalanche has seen $215.22 billion to date. Dex volume by chain is almost as high as it was in May 2022.

What do you think the future holds for the value locked in decentralized finance? Will we see continued growth, or could there be another dip in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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