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Car Manufacturer Maruti Suzuki Launches Metaverse Showroom Experience in India

maruti suzuki metaverse india

Maruti Suzuki, one of the biggest car manufacturers in India, has announced that it is taking its customer retail experience to the metaverse. The company announced on Jan. 1, it would launch a VR (virtual reality) network for its Arena showroom series, allowing its users to experience the Maruti Suzuki Cars online or via authorized dealers.

Maruti Suzuki to Prepare Metaverse Showrooms

Car companies are beginning to take advantage of virtual reality and the metaverse to allow customers to have a different approach to their products. Maruti Suzuki, one of the leading car manufacturers in India, has announced that it will start delivering immersive experiences in metaverse-based showrooms for its lineup of cars.

The company, which has produced millions of cars for the Indian market, announced that it is launching its Arena verse network, which allows customers to interact with any of the cars offered by the company. Customers can configure these cars with different options, appreciating the changes proposed in a virtual representation of the vehicle.

Customers will not be alone in this experience, as the company will also delegate sales representatives to advise customers on the possible options and the way in which the system operates, according to a press release.

Native VR and Other Options

Maruti Suzuki aims for customers to experience a comprehensive virtual representation of the cars available and their features. The company has already distributed 700 VR headsets to its dealer network all across the country for customers to get the full metaverse showroom experience, that they have denominated Arenaverse.

However, there will also be an online version of this Arenaverse for customers away from these outlets to also be able to enjoy the experience using PCs and mobiles. Shashank Srivastava, senior executive officer of Marketing at Maruti Suzuki, remarked on the importance of these new developments for the company.

Srivastava stated:

At Maruti Suzuki, we have ensured that our already strong digital journey is further fortified to suit the requirements of new-age customers. We have taken this digital journey a notch up, by bringing the country’s largest auto retail network Arena to the metaverse.”

Other car manufacturers have also been taking advantage of the metaverse in different ways. In November, Renault announced the launch of its industrial metaverse, aiming to save up to $330 million with its implementation. In December, Fiat, an automotive brand owned by Stellantis, also launched a metaverse-based store for its 500 La Prima by Bocelli vehicle.

What do you think about Maruti Suzuki taking its retail sales experience to the metaverse? Tell us in the comments section below.

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