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More Than 65% of Oman’s Crypto Holders Are College Graduates — Study

Approximately 65,000 of Oman’s residents are holders of crypto and a majority of these are either high school or college graduates, a new study by Souq Analyst has found. According to the study’s findings, an overwhelming majority (90%) of Oman’s crypto holders are aged between 18 and 44.

Crypto Awareness in Oman

According to the findings of a new study by Souq Analyst, approximately 65,000 Oman residents, or 1.9% of the country’s adult population, own cryptocurrency. However, despite the seemingly low ratio of crypto holders relative to its population, the findings suggest that crypto awareness in Oman is significantly high. The report explains:

An impressive 97.9% of Omani adults have heard about cryptocurrency, indicating an increasing level of awareness.

The study also found that an overwhelming majority (90%) of crypto-holding Oman residents are aged between 18 and 44 years.

Oman’s Highly Educated Crypto Holders

Also, in the study in which over 200 people participated, Souq Analyst found that some 66% of Oman’s crypto owners hold a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. In addition, the study found that approximately 25% of the respondents had graduated from high school.

In terms of the composition of crypto assets held, the study findings indicate that over 55% of Oman’s crypto owners are bitcoin holders. The findings also suggest that just under 50% of the respondents own ETH while around 25% are holders of the stablecoin tether.

Concerning the value of crypto assets held, over 12% of the respondents indicated that the value of their respective portfolios exceeded $25,900 or 10,000 Oman rials. However, a larger proportion of the respondents (over 35%) own crypto assets with a U.S. dollar value that is below $259.

Meanwhile, in remarks published on the blog Laraontheblock, Mohammed Al-Tamami, the founder of Souq Analyst, lauded the study findings which are “generally useful to everyone.”

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