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Tech Giant Globant Believes the Metaverse Will Have Its Make or Break Moment in 2023

globant metaverse

Globant, a Luxembourg-based tech giant with Argentine origins, has referred to the short-term future of the metaverse in its latest Tech Trends report. According to the company, this year the metaverse will “burn bright or burn out,” as it needs to show its potential when compared to other trendsetting tech like artificial intelligence.

Metaverse at a Decisive Moment, According to Globant

Globant, one of the biggest IT technology companies in the world, has referred to the potential future that metaverse and technology related to this new vision might have in the short term. According to its 2023 Tech Trends report, the company believes that 2023 is the year for the metaverse to “burn bright or burn out,” as the market is still waiting for significant and practical applications to rise in this field.

Companies like Meta have already invested billions of dollars in the sector, and while the company has produced VR headsets directed at mainstream audiences, it has failed to penetrate in a significant way, even if it has the largest market share of this still niche market.

However, Globant believes there are signs pointing to the mass adoption of the metaverse. The company declared:

Major players in the metaverse space, such as Meta, pushing towards a viable product in 2023 will open the door to reduced costs and lower barriers to entry, allowing the technology to reach more businesses and impact people’s lives worldwide.

The Future of Virtual Interactions

For Globant, the tech behind the metaverse has the possibility of impacting the lives of people in a positive way, acting as an enabler for more industries to achieve deeper and more meaningful interactions with their customers. Agus Huerta, tech leader at Globant, believes that every company will have to find its place in the metaverse.

Huerta stated:

Companies will increase usage of the metaverse for employee training and education and other activities where simulation can improve experiences.

For Diego Tartara, global CTO at Globant, the metaverse is still in its initial stages, but its evolution will change how people live digital experiences in the future. There have already been notable developments in this field, like the recent implementation of metaverse tech in a judicial hearing procedure in Colombia, and the introduction of virtual environments to help fight school absenteeism and streamline recruiting processes in Japan.

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